SiriusXM App

SiriusXM app is manufactured to bring you closer to your favorite radio stations, influencers, and the songs you are interested in. The application is only for IOS users around the globe and is not compatible with android at all. It is free to use the SiriusXM app and you take your favorite channels with yourself anywhere.

The platform has numerous features to impress you and make you its loyal consumer as well. It is reliable to educate yourself on the features that are prominent and render different benefits to you, being an integral component of the application.

In order to begin with, the app has a feature called TuneStart. This is considered to be the only unfamiliar feature the app has launched for its consumers. This is why it has been the center of attraction for SiriusXM’s global lovers. The function of the feature is to make you switch to different channels effortlessly and maintain the voice quality for you as well.

While switching the channels or streams, you can also listen to your favorite songs. For a person who is constantly changing the channels, this feature allows them to enjoy their preferred songs from scratch unless the user sets the app to their liking.

SiriusXM: Music, Sports & News

Version: Varies with device

Updated on: Aug 4, 2022

Downloads: 10M+

Rating: 4.7

Developer: Sirius XM Radio Inc

Category: Music & Audio

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1. Access Online-Only Radio Stations

The app covers a wide range of online streams and broadcasts for radio enthusiasts who do not like to miss out on their favorite radio shows. This feature is another enticing one for the radio lovers that are attracting a plethora of consumers providing them with their favorite radio content on a daily basis.

2. Full Online Playback Controls

The app permits you to listen to one song or online broadcast repeatedly without any technical error or glitch that you might face on other radio-based platforms. You can forward a song, rewind or pause the song as much as you like and enjoy multiple songs with the same impressive sound quality as well.


  • The app allows live streamings of high quality.
  • The users can enjoy online radio broadcasts.
  • MySXM allows listening to long lists of your favorite soundtracks and shows.
  • The app can easily save your watch-later songs and shows as per the schedule.
  • Divide different lists of shows and soundtracks conveniently to not mix them up.  

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Despite the fact that the app has been a successful product for the people however it requires some rectifications. To point out, the app sleeps off or lags automatically after some time when the user is not on the app doing something. There have been a lot of reports highlighting this issue that need modifications to prevent it from going downhill among the public.

Do I need to buy any subscription in order to use the SiriusXM app?

Yes, it is free to use the SiriusXM app/ You just have to download it from the play store or app store. You can take the amazing channels in your car, home, office, or wherever you want to go.

How many channels are there on the SiriusXM app?

There are more than 200 channels available on the SiriusXM app, which includes sports, talk, news, and commercial-free music.

Final Thoughts

SiriusXM Internet Radio does have some flaws that need proper reconsideration and mind-mapping from the company. However, the app is a great asset for radio lovers who are into listening to online streams, radio content, music, and much more. The app is a complete package for those who consider radio a great medium for entertainment.

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