Geeni App

Download: 5M+
Rating: 4.6

Geeni app is a great app that will help its users in controlling all the linked Geeni smart home devices. The easy-to-use app offered by Mercury Innovations has been installed by 1,000,000+ users to date. The 62 M-sized app can control all Geeni home devices by using the Amazon Echo voice, from anywhere across the globe.

Features of Geeni App:

  • Powerful Individual Control: The Geeni app provides powerful control for every individual device for improved performance. The app users can enjoy the benefits like choosing a color to perfectly dim a light bulb, all from the same app itself.
  • Control Group Devices: This app helps in controlling the group device available by room for delivering the best experience to all its users from the very start.
  • Set Smart Scenes: This useful app can also be used to properly arrange or set the smart scenes for every automated action. This helps the users to enjoy the best service in the most organized manner.
  • Superb Control & Security: The app users can rely on the Geeni app to schedule when to turn off or turn on the smart device of their choice. This means that the app gives its users more control as well as security.
  • Account Sharing Available: This innovative app enables the account sharing feature as well. This feature will allow the app users to choose which device will their guests, friends, roommates, or family is going to get to control.
  • Uses Cloud-Based Services: The app also provides cloud-based services to help its users control their home right from any phone just by logging in and much more.

Pros Of Geeni App:

  • Compatible With All Geeni-Enabled Devices: The Geeni app works well with all the different types of Geeni-enabled devices to deliver the best performance.
  • Doesn’t Require Complicated Hub: This app will not require any kind of complicated hub to run its operations smoothly, which is a great thing.
  • Devices Easily Connect To Home Wifi Network: All the Geeni devices easily connect directly to the home using the home Wifi network.

Cons Of Geeni App:

  • Wifi Disconnection Problems:Many users have reported unnecessary disconnection problems occasionally with this app.
  • Freezing Issues: App freezing issues also disrupt the normal functioning of the app occasionally.
  • Low Audio Quality: The Geeni apphas a very low audio quality. This is a big turn downer for people who are looking for the best of everything when it comes to such kinds of apps.

Geeni App Download


If you are looking for an affordable smart home device control app, then the Geeni app will surely make a good choice for you. The app is super-easy to install, delivers a sharp and reliable performance, and comes packed with some genuine features and benefits.

Geeni app also has its own cons like mentioned by the previous app users such as WIFI disconnection problems, freezing issues, and low audio quality. However, the app developer Mercury Innovations has claimed improved performance to its users in the upcoming updates of the application.