OfferUp App

OfferUp has made it simpler for you to buy and sell anything you want in your locality. The app enables you to purchase any product or item that you would be willing to buy for some time, but the hectic routine was the biggest blockade. With just a few taps, you get access to a vast range of high-end products and affordable ones at reasonable prices.

Share it with your friends, talk to the seller or buyer, and negotiate anything you want on this incredibly crafted app. The features are compelling for the users and have rendered them ease and facilitation to sell and buy different objects without any complications.

OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo.

Version: 4.43.1

Updated on: Aug 25, 2022

Downloads: 50M+

Rating: 4.3

Developer: OfferUp Inc.

Category: Shopping

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  • Check different profiles of sellers and buyers to get the general know-how of the trending items being sold out and purchased repeatedly.
  • The application has a fast customer support system that responds in seconds.
  • You can freely incorporate your email into the app due to the premium privacy policy of OfferUp.
  • You can interact with the top-rated sellers by using filters.
  • Link OfferUp to your Facebook account and get profound updates on different sellers at once.
  • You will get real-time notifications of all the text messages.
  • The app does not slow down during the navigation as well.


1. Declutter Home

You can declutter your home from the things that are of no use to you anymore. This will free up the space of your home so that you can enhance its interior by buying from OfferUp, which allows you to purchase highly riveting decorations and embellishments at reasonable prices. Not only that, you can become a seller and can sell the redundant stuff on the app easily.

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2. Sell With Ease

OfferUp permits quick business online with hundred percent security and trust. You do not even have to wait for someone to buy your stuff. The process is simple to become a seller. Download the app for free on your mobile phone, take pictures of the things you want from good angles, and upload them on the app. You will begin to get instant pitches regarding your upload as the app is filled with potential buyers all the time.


1. Getting Sales

The trends of listings keep shuffling on the app. As the platform is packed with hundreds of products, it is difficult for the app to showcase the top trends all the time; in other words, you have to do a little extensive process to get access to your preferred listings on the app.

2. Shipping Fees

The application deducts 7.9% of the total amount of transactions. If this is the case that you are going budget-friendly on the app, then using the shipping feature is not recommended at all. This can be favorable if you are buying affordable goods and selling them at high prices.


Though buying and selling apps are nothing new (just think of Craigslist), the OfferUp app aims to establish a new kind of market that is based on trustworthiness and trust.

OfferUp is a terrific location to begin your search for the top buy and sell apps. This garage sale app is a force to be reckoned with, with the average user spending around 25 minutes (as much as they do on Instagram or Snapchat).

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