Independent Warranty Association

4 months ago

IWA depend on small print to get them out of their "Comprehensive Guarantee". I would not recommend anyone accepts an IWA backed certificate.


6 months ago

I have a warranty with covering my replacement windows and doors until January 2022.
I reported a window fault to them recently and was sent the usual forms to complete and return, which they then responded to by saying my full claim file had been sent to Elite Insurance as underwriters, and a phone number was given. This was a change from the usual procedure where once they鈥檇 checked the details an appointment was given quite promptly and the fault rectified.
As I鈥檇 heard nothing after a week I checked Elite Insurance online and saw they went bust last December 2019.
I phoned IWA and after a prolonged discussion was told to ring the Elite number as Marley Risk had now taken over responsibility.
I did that and was told the situation now is that PwC are acting as administrators and that what may happen is that I鈥檒l have to get an independent quote – at whose cost??- submit it to Marley Risk and that if accepted only 90% of the repair charge will be covered leaving me to pay the other 10%.
Very complex situation surrounding these replacement windows, guarantees and warranties and what I鈥檓 no clearer about -despite trying very hard on the phone – is just how can still advertise for business but claim no responsibility for putting right my window because they鈥檝e bundled my warranty off to an underwriter that went bust last December and also state that they didn鈥檛 have to inform me of that fact when they received my request for repair.
Needs further investigation.


6 months ago

IWA have tried on several occasions to invalidate my insurance, using different reasons. I have had to fight and fight to (i) get them to accept I am insured and (ii) to get them to accept the faults I describe are covered. Finally after weeks of emails, and sending dozens of documents, they are sending an assessor out. We'll see!

Oh, and they don't cover paintwork or finishes apparently. So that part of my, now bankrupt, supplier's guarantee was absolutely worthless!

Who knew that you needed to look at reviews for the insurance company covering your window guarantee!?! If I knew then what I know now, I would have steered clear!


7 months ago

Their phone number doesn't work. Their contact us form on the website doesn't work. And there is therefore no way to contact them when you need to claim your deposit back


1 year ago

My installer went into liquidation as they couldn鈥檛 afford to rectify the problems found in a number of their installations caused by faulty materials, just over a year after completion.
Initially IWA tried to refuse the claim because they said that I didn鈥檛 have the right documentation, but when I produced the correct docs they then rejected it for a completely different and obscure reason. You are very clearly led to believe that the Company ceasing to trade would be exactly what the IWA insurance is designed to cover, but no – apparently the small print says that if the faults are discovered BEFORE the installer goes bankrupt, (even the day before!) then you are not covered! How ridiculous is that?
Their website claims 鈥?0 years peace of mind with no hidden small print鈥? I don鈥檛 think so!
I wish I had looked at this site and seen other people鈥檚 experiences with IWA before I went ahead, but the Installer I was dealing with seemed so good that I wasn鈥檛 expecting to ever have to claim!
My experience with IWA is clearly not unusual, so I will now take the matter up with the Financial Ombudsman, I would not want other people to be let down by IWA in this way.


1 year ago

Beware. My claim has just been rejected as I paid for the remedial work before submitting the claim form (despite the claim form asking me to attach proof of payment). It seems like this is set up to deliberately invalidate claims.


2 years ago

IWA are as bad as Safe Glaze uk as they will not refund any deposit that they claim to provide protection quarantee for as they have conditions that are only known to them. I am glad they have been reported as I have also reported them to Trading Standards and Home Improvement Ombudsman. Something has to be done to stop people getting tricked out of thier hard earned money


2 years ago

When I originally registered my conservatory warranty with the IWA I wrote requesting confirmation. This confirmation stated that no additional paperwork was required and that I was correctly registered. Now, a few years into the warranty, I need to correct a faulty window unit. The IWA have now ignored my warranty registration and insist on bank statement proof of instalment payments from over four years ago. They were not interested in the installer鈥檚 endorsement of receipt of full payment on the original warranty registration and they also insisted on me providing documentation they had already confirmed they had at registration. Effectively my original warranty registration is redundant and I have to prove each and every instalment payment via my bank and re-provide info they are sitting on. Unless I comply my warranty is invalid. Now having to wait 8 weeks before I can contact financial Ombudsman. I paid for this service when I bought my conservatory – what a scam!


3 years ago

We cancelled our proposed works with the company that intended to use for the deposit & workings insurance , but the iwa insurance certificate still arrived .. No problem you would have thought .. Upon opening the envelope it contained an Insurance certificate for a different customer , containing deposit amount , total contract price and customers name .. I phoned to let company know that the certificate for a different customer was in the post to me , I also mentioned this was poor service under data protection .. The lady on the phone then had a quite hostile attitude in so much as the comment " well what can you do with that information " ……… If they cannot even put the correct insurance certificate in the correct envelope then god help those they insure ..


3 years ago

Very disappointed with IWA. Making me jump through lots of hoops to get our insured deposit money back.
Having to refer case to Financial Ombudsman.
Building company liquidated after taking 拢10,000 including 拢5,000 deposit money. IWA are refusing to honour claim for deposit money.
Their customer service is appalling.


3 years ago

The installers of our solar panels that have since gone into liquidation but provided initial support through IWA to supplement that of the manufacturers long term guarantee.
We receive many unsolicited calls asking us to join maintenance schemes and always advise them that I am hearing impaired and do not wish to receive promotional calls by telephone.
At last we have had a leaflet with a written quotation.
It is confusing! One paragraph states "we offer peace of mind and protection from losses in feed in tariff income" The small print seems to contradict this "IWA do not cover any consequential losses of any kind including financial losses of feed in tariff income.
We obviously tried to find some independent reviews of the IWA and after skipping the Irish Wheelchair Association found TrustPilot provided the full company name but unfortunately not a series of reviews from satisfied customers.
With a small installation of 3250 kw we found ourselves in the highest monthly package fee of 拢20 plus VAT per month. Before contemplating a substantial premum of this amount we would need to know we were getting good service and value for money over and above the long term guarantees of the manufacturer (25 years)


4 years ago

If your replacement window company offers a warranty insured through this firm then beware.
It would take too long to list the history but I would say they would never support you whatever your problem.
Suffice to say that I have referred this matter to the Financial Ombudsman.

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