Ilse Jacobsen

5 months ago

I returned a coat in July 2020, by mid September- still no refund! Customer experience (!) continually states that it will arrive, and it doesn鈥檛. Please think twice before buying directly from this company. If you鈥檙e a supplier, I wouldn鈥檛 want this level of disservice reflected on my shop!


8 months ago

I placed an order on the website on May 28th and it arrived on June 5th. I realized that the sizes are wrong so I contacted customer service as indicated on the website because there wasn't the free return label in the package (the free return is available for everyone as indicated on the website).
On June 12 they told me that they would organize a collection of the shipment by courier, but after almost two weeks they have not yet responded to any of my emails and messages on social networks, nor organized the collection.
We are all going through difficult times because of Covid-19 but it is not an excuse for not replying at all.
I am very very disappointed with this Danish brand that I thought was serious and reliable, nothing like this has ever happened to me with any online store. Now I have 3 raincoats of the wrong size (for a total of 310 鈧? that I don't know how to return because they didn't even give me the address or indications to send them at my expense.
It is shameful.


8 months ago

I ordered a top from Isle Jacobson, when it arrived it was too small so it needed to be returned. They offered free return but the return label for DPD was not valid so I had to pay for the postage. I send a polite email asking for reimbursement of the postage but they ignored my email. I will not be ordering with them again.


9 months ago

No email reply. The phone is off. When will I get a refund for return items shipped to you on 29 April, 2020?


9 months ago

Ordered two items on 16th April and as at 14th May still not received these and no communication from this company despite several emails. Now requested refund but unsure if they'll even reply to this request. Definitely would not order anything from this company again. We are all trying to work with difficult conditions caused by cover-19 but this does not excuse lack of communication when a customer has paid for goods.


9 months ago

I bought from the website a very lovely Isle Jacobsen 3/4 rain jacket. The first jacket arrived with a faulty zip and was returned, I then received a new jacket quite quickly, great. I went out with the jacket in the rain and discovered that the hood is completely oversized and there is no way of altering it. It covers my eyes! I am an average-sized person and this seems a huge design fault. I got onto the customer service but they refused to offer any help with this badly designed item. I am very disappointed with the service and design of this premium brand product.


1 year ago

I am absolutely happy with the products I bought and the kind service here.
The clothes fit perfectly and fulfilled my expectations. It is exactly what I was looking and hoping for.
Furthermore, the customer service is really kind and helpful. I had some trouble to place my order in their store, but the customer service and technical support team answered very quickly and provided continues help until the problem was solved and my order processed.
Shipping was very fast and everything was packed very neatly.
So, in short: Great shopping experience!
I highly recommend this shop!
(My review is about my shopping experience at the original Ilse Jacobson webshop – not a retailer.)


1 year ago

I am very disappointed with my raincoat. There is absolutely no warmth whatsoever! The inner lining which is black catches on my clothing, which results in the coat not sitting/ hanging properly. The zip is not easy to close, it always takes me a few times to make the first attachment. I have since purchased a long sleeved body warmer in a matching colour, now the coat sits better and is warmer. It is the most expensive raincoat I have ever bought in my life and I am very very disappointed – on its own it鈥檚 not suitable for Irish weather.


1 year ago

Worst post sales experience in DK.

I bought a jacket/rain coat last summer and after the third time I wore it, the zipper does not work anymore.

I contacted both the shop and the customer service and the answer I got was "I'm sorry to hear your zipper has given up. Unfortunately we are not able to handle you coat as a claim, since it is bought on stockholding at Roskilde and there are no warranty at those items, which is signposted at the stand."

I am shocked to get to know that this is the way the company treats its brand and image!!!

In my eyes it sounds like an absolutely irresponsible, inconsiderate and inconsequential way of handling customers and claims. Again, I am shocked!!

I bought a product which was new and functioning at the purchase date. I wore it 3 times, it suddenly does not work anymore and Ilse Jacobsen simply does not care.

I did not notice any special sign about special conditions at Roskilde, but would guess such a brand had better quality and, should something go wrong, niche better post-sales procedures as well.

Unfortunately Ilse Jacbsen has proven me wrong in both my assumptions and I even start to wonder if I was just been lucky with two previous jackets and a pair of boots I had before, all which last for many years.

Well, if the company does not care about its image and brand, why should I???

I will spend kr. 100-200 to have the zipper fixed and the same amount of minutes to vent out about my bad experience with friends, family and online network.

As a result, the zipper may not be perfectly fixed by a random tailor and I will get even more dissatisfied and will keep on spreading the bad word-of-mouth.

As final a consequence, I get kr. 100-200 poorer and the company that does not care about its brand, image and customers will also risk getting a bit poorer, but its losses may be much bigger than what it had cost it to fix the zipper and convert a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one. And if course, I will never try my luck with Ilse Jacobsen's products anymore.


1 year ago

I am so glad I came across this company when looking for good-looking rain gear. The adobe rose raincoat and matching wellies cheer me up no end on the dreariest of days. And the quality is so great, I have decided to get another pair of wellies in navy to go with existing raincoats.
Louise from customer service was great, helping me sort out sizing issues and lending general support, I cannot praise her enough !


1 year ago

Fantastic service.
I ordered another pair of my favorite flip flops on Monday Evening and they arrived in the UK from Denmark on Thursday Morning.
Unfortunately, the first time I wore them I discovered a problem, a quick email later and Louise on customer service had resolved the problem and a new pair were shipped.
This was way beyond my expectations and I would not hesitate to shop with them again. In future though, it will always be directly, no 3rd party for me.
Amazing service, amazing product, amazing staff. If I could give you 10*鈥檚 I wouldn鈥檛 hesitate.
Thank you


2 years ago

Had a complaint about a coat from Ilse Jacobsen. Something was wrong with the zipper. The complain through customer service, Denmark were more than I expected. Super quick reply from customer service. They arranged for my coat to be shipped back to the headquarter and after a day or two Ilse Jacobsen offered to replace the coat to a coat of my own choice. No big argument for the zipper issue to be solved, Best customer service I have had in a long time and everything was done in a good tone and with a smile.


2 years ago

I have been emailing back and forth with the amazing customer service staff… actually, I am so lucky as Anne, the manager has actually been answering me personally on all my questions and product questions… she has even found the products I wanted by sourcing them in the warehouse as the website said they were sold out and she double checked… Very cool indeed! And of course Ilse Jacoben's stuff it beyond stylish and well made!

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