8 months ago

James Hill aproached me on Facebook and said that he will give me 500$ in 24h if i send the company 50$ in bitcoin. I did and next day he said that i have to pay 100$ withdrawal fee….i didnt want to pay and few days later he sajd that if i pay 50$ i will receive my money and i paid but next day he sent me not usable bitcoin and he said that i have to pay him 100$ for code to use bitcoin, i didnt pay and some days later he said that i will get my money if i pay the remaining 50$ of the withdrawal fee. Then i asked for some ID with pucture and name and sudenly he was saying that they will delete my account….then i was sure that it is a scam.


8 months ago

I met a woman on a website and started talking to her on google hangouts. We both talked about what we do for a living and she told me she was an investment broker. A little later I told her about the problem I was having with my wife. I was separating and we were fighting about money. She mentioned that she had an opportunity for an investment that yields a high return on. A low investment. So I first put in $150 (for an introduction package. Late as 鈥渕y profit grew鈥?to $2600 they told me my account was suspended because it earned above the max. They then asked me to upgrade. So I had to put in another $350. She was convincing because she offered to help. I told her I only had 200 and she 鈥減ut in the rest鈥? So after the upgrade a few days later it was time to pull the money out and then I got hit with a withdrawal fee of $200 and then and then another $150 other fees and then I needed to give her a hundred to get some key to receive my money. At the end of the day it was a scam and I fell for it.


  1. They are heartless scammers, I invested $USD15,000.00, and later aggreviated to $USD95,980.00. I now requested for $USD57,000.00 to be paid on my Bank account. They never said no until one day one worker Mr Joel Peter came online to trade with me before the payment of the requested $USD57,000.00. He now trade with the whole $15,000 at a time and said it would be doubled or triple. To my greatest surprise as i was watching the transaction on the Trade platform in less than one hour the whole money turned to Zero Dollar. He promised to call next day, over one week nobody calls untill i started writing series of E-Mails until someone called me again after about 2 weeks and told me to invest again to regain their company loss and my personal money, then i now told them i would not do that. God so kind I was able to get a recovery expert Mr Andrew Nichola on trading broker reviews, i lost and won with the help of Mr Andrew Nichola, i promised to share the good news if they successfully recovered my funds. he and his team worked relentlessly to get back my invested capital including my bonus back from the trading in question Utrader and get my lost funds refunded back to me on the online bank. I advise everyone having issues with their withdrawal on their trading platform should Feel free to contact Mr Andrew Nichola.via his email address:nicholaandrew09 and if you are having issues withdrawing your funds and your bonus, i assure you that he will guide you on how to recover your funds.
    i advise everyone out there to be careful with this heartless trading scam brokerage. I am so happy to get back my funds including my bonus and share the good news to whom it may concern. Thanks so much Mr Andrew Nichola, God will continue to bless you for the great job you are doing. The world will be happy to have you. Thanks for the great job once again!

  2. So glad to hear other people are also recovering their lost funds. I also lost a great deal of money with cryptocurrency, but was lucky to find to recover my lost funds with no fees upfront. They were professional and made it easy after all the hassle and trouble I went through.

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