1 year ago

I'm not even moved. I got a quote that I was told was over quoted. I was supposed to get money back. What I was not told was that this company is only a broker. The person I was working with kept telling me I was fine, for I told him that I only had so much money. After I sent in the deposit, he would not answer questions or return calls. It is no wonder. When the truck got here and everything was packed, I was told that when it is delivered, it will cost $1200 more. I was asked about furniture, which was listed. I was never asked about pictures. I was told that they would pack 50 boxes. I already had everything bubble wrapped that was fragile. They seemed to wrap very well though. The company is going to listen to the recordings of our conversations. I had two bedroom double closets completely empty too. So much for basing a price on a three bedroom home. I just hope I have the money to pay when it gets there.

I was never informed that tho company was just a broker. I signed a contract with them Yet, when the truck was loaded, the fast talking foreman took me aside telling me that they were a different company and that I had exceeded the limit.

Of course, the walk through for the buyers was the next day. And after they left, I found that they had left a tall bookcase in the bedroom and neglected the silverware and cooking utensils in the kitchen, as well as a frying pan lid. So, here I am trying to figure out how to get these things across the country. Btw, the second company is Executive Moving out of Las Vegas. I was backed into a corner, nervous and frustrated. It was psycological blackmail of the elderly as far as I was concerned.

I thought I had done my research and this is so difficult to write. The only one who really wanted to listen was their customer service rep. But she doesn't make the decisions.

I will keep posting to inform if there is any resolution.

I have heard nothing from this company and the company that they signed up, Executive Moving, has not contacted me either. They were supposed to contact me last Wednesday a week ago to update me. This is getting very frightening.


1 year ago

It is always a stressful situation when planning and executing a move. Independent Moving Solution made this experience an easy one. Friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient – this team of movers did an excellent job. From day one they answered my questions promptly. I would recommend using Independent Moving Solution for any move you are planning.


1 year ago

Generally, a good service provided by Independent Moving Solutions. The communication process was smooth and the delivery went on well too. I was a little confused about the pricing system but their customer head person explained me everything in detail. Everything went well and as per schedule.