6 years ago

Money wired to my account was done fraudulently

I had approx. $ 5700 wired from to my business account from someone who (supposedly) wanted a website created for his business. In turn I got money grams and sent them to St Petersburg, Russia to our(supposed) website developer to complete the website creation. My bank emailed me sying the money wired INTO my account cleared, but was fraudulently done by a scammer who used someone else's account. I sent these funds to a Mihail Korotkov, St Petersburg, Russia, Now, the scammed person's bank is trying to retract the wired money that went to my account, I withdrew, and sent via money Gram to Mihail Korotkov, St Petersburg, Russia. I have ALL the documentation, Employment Agmt, Money Gram records, deposit records, etc. Can you help?

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